Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids

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Get the kids to help around the house with a simple Bathroom Cleaning Checklist! Download the version with pictures for little ones, or grab the checklist with words for kids that can read.

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Our newest printable is for all you moms out there – no matter the ages of your kids! We created these simple Bathroom Cleaning Checklists with YOU in mind!


  • we don’t want you to be the only one scrubbing toilets.
  • we all want our kids to learn some responsibility.
  • we want our kids to learn how to care for things they make a mess of.
  • we want that pink ring around the toilet gone for good!

If you’re looking for ways to finally get some help around the house teach your kids some responsibility, these checklists can totally help!

Printable Bathroom Checklist for Kids

For older kids, we have a checklist that will help them get the job done efficiently and ensure each task gets done.

Bathroom Cleaning Chart with Pictures

And we’re even taking away all excuses for the little kids to get out of helping! Our picture version of this checklist is perfect for non-readers.

You can have kids do each item on the list every day, or assign certain tasks to be done through out the week.

Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


  • Bathroom Cleaning Checklist printable (download for free below)
  • cleaning bucket / kid-friendly cleaning supplies
  • laminator or plastic sheet protector
  • dry-erase marker


  1. Download and print the checklist(s) of your choice.
  2. Laminate the checklist, or put it inside a plastic sheet protector.
  3. Give the kiddos their cleaning bucket + checklist and watch as they clean the bathroom with no fighting or whining. 😉
  4. As they finish each task, they can use the marker to check off their list. The marker will wipe clean so you can use the same checklist over and over.

… and that’s it!

Ready to download your own checklist?

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***PLEASE REMEMBER*** As with any of our free printables, these bathroom cleaning checklists are for personal use only. Please do not mass-distribute, sell, or claim them to be your own.

Good luck!


  1. This is so hilarious and appropriate right now. My daughter was just complaining about my grandson’s bathroom. (He’s 11 yrs old.) I will have to pass this along. ( And I am sure she will vote on “inaccuracy” as the root cause. LOL

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