30+ Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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There are very few things better than a fresh, clean bathroom! Here are 30+ simple bathroom cleaning tips to make this dreaded chore easier!

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most-used spaces in your house, which means it’s usually one of the dirtiest!

It requires frequent cleaning to keep it fresh and smelling nice, but this doesn’t have to be a long, dreaded ordeal!

Here are our very favorite bathroom cleaning tips to help get your bathroom cleaner than ever!

Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips


  • Use shaving cream to clean your mirrors and keep them from fogging up. Simply apply a layer of the cream and then wipe it off. You can use this method for your shower doors too!
  • Make the perfect window cleaner by mixing two parts water, one part vinegar, and half part rubbing alcohol (70% concentration). Add the mixture to a spray bottle and you’ll never resort to using Windex again!


  • Scrub your grimy bathtub with grapefruit and salt. Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle some salt on the juicy side. Wet your bathtub, sprinkle some salt all over the sides and bottom, and then use the grapefruit to scrub everything.
  • Clean your glass shower doors and tile with cooking spray to help tackle the lime deposits. Be sure to rinse it when you’re finished so you aren’t left with the oily residue that could make your shower floors a slipping hazard.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean your grout. You can mix equal parts water+ vinegar, or use a bleach pen. Let the solution sit for a few minutes or overnight, then scrub it with the toothbrush.
  • Wipe up soap scum with a damp used dryer sheet. This method works great to loosen lime deposits from your tile, tub, and faucets.
  • Soak showerheads and faucets in a bag of vinegar. Fill up a plastic baggie with white vinegar and twist-tie it around your showerhead or faucet. Let it soak overnight to breakdown the buildup.
  • Keep a Magic Eraser handy to deep clean your tub and shower walls before washing yourself.
  • Wash your fabric shower curtain with your towels. Make sure you let it dry properly.


  • Scrub a porcelain sink with Barkeeper’s Friend to get rid of tough stains.
  • Make your faucets shine by using nonstick cooking spray. The oil will break down grime and water stains. Wipe it off with a clean rag to reveal the shiny finish.
  • No cooking spray? Try using a lemon! Cut it in half then rub the lemon over the water spots on your faucet.
  • A toothbrush covered in baking soda is a great way to scrub small problem areas. Leave the baking soda to sit on top of the stains/water spots for 10 minutes, then rinse and buff.
  • Wrap a clean cloth around a chopstick to clean small fixtures and crevices.
  • If your drain is full of hair, unclog it with a drain snake.
  • If your drain is clogged with toothpaste, shaving waste, hair products, etc., drop 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain followed by one cup of distilled vinegar. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with boiling water.
  • To prevent drain clogs, use a DrainWig.


  • To get rid of toilet tank stains, drop a pair of denture tablets into the tank reservoir and let it sit overnight.
  • Don’t forget to clean (and DRY!) your toilet brush. After you use it, flush clean water over the brush to rinse it. Then, sandwich the toilet brush under the toilet seat so it can drip dry over the toilet bowl. You can add some white vinegar to the brush holder to keep it even fresher!
  • Grab a toothbrush, wet it with some vinegar, and scrub around the seat hinges.
  • Use a plastic knife covered in a baby wipe to clean in the crevice where the tank meets the seat.
  • If you’re combating a bathroom that needs some extra TLC, grab 2 cups of vinegar, pour it into your toilet bowl before bedtime, and let it soak overnight. Give it a good scrub in the morning and you’ll be good to go!


  • Throw your bathmats in the laundry with your bath towels to freshen them up.
  • Wipe down your bathroom walls with a flat mop. This will help you reach all the way to the ceiling and will remove excess condensation + prevent mold.
  • Consider wiping down everything in close proximity to your toilet with some vinegar- your trash can, your baseboards, the step stool, etc. Remember, the less you have out in the open, the less you have to clean. Consider putting the trash under the counter, lose the rug around the toilet etc.
  • You can easily dust your exhaust vents with a can of air! (Much easier than using a vacuum to get up there!)
  • Clean your bathroom vents and then coat them with wax to prevent the buildup of more dust.


  • Instead of spraying squeaky hinges with WD-40, which can leave an ugly dark residue, use cooking spray! Spray it directly onto the hinges to keep them quiet!


  • Put together a cleaning caddy so you’re ready to clean whenever you need to be. (HERE is a post all about this concept!)
  • Designate a drawer or cubby for everything! When everything is organized and easy to find, it’s easier for everyone (especially the kiddos!) to put their stuff away in the right place. And that means there will be fewer messes to clean up!
  • Do small jobs in your spare moments. Sometimes tackling the whole bathroom feels like a huge task, so break it up into smaller tasks as you go about your day. Keep disinfecting wipes within reach and do a quick wipe down while supervising bath time or even brushing your teeth.


  • Kids will take better care of their bathroom if they know that they will be the ones cleaning up when mom finds it messy. There isn’t an age where they are too young to clean up after themselves.
  • Have your kids take a piece of toilet paper and wipe where they dribble.
  • Have them give the inside of the toilet bowl a good swish with the toilet brush whenever they go #2. (Of course, there are times of laziness, so it won’t get done every time. But it gets done more often and that is the key!)

Your bathroom will be cleaner than it’s ever been!

If you have any bathroom tips or cleaning suggestions, leave them in the comment section below!

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