Hair Bow Organizer Ideas

10 bow organizer ideas to help corral and display your favorite bows, clips, and headbands.

Here are a few hair bow tutorials we think you’ll love – Sewn Fabric Bow, Bug Bows, and Ribbon-Lined Alligator Clips.

bow organization idea made from a wood rainbow

Little girls look darling when their locks are adorned with bows, clips, headbands, flowers, and on and on. But the actual storing of these accessories is a little less fun. In fact, most of the time our family’s hair bows just end up in a jumbled mess!

It’s time to tackle that pile of bows once and for all with a darling bow organizer! Take a look at 10 of our favorite ideas-

10 Bow Organization Ideas

wood dowel hanging on the wall with headbands

Hang a simple wood dowel or curtain rod for headbands. From Project Nursery.

wood plaque bow holder

Make a bow organizer from a wood plaque with clips and Command Strips. From A Crafted Passion.

bow organization idea made from a wood rainbow

Is there anything more darling than this cute rainbow cutout? From

wooden dowel bow organizer

I love this minimalist dowel organizer! From Field Day Co on Etsy.

macrame wall hanging with bows clipped to the yarn

Macrame is so trendy right now, and for a good reason! This macrame bow organizer is perfection! From Decolly Studio on Etsy.

embroidery hoop bow organizer

Hang your bows on a darling Embroidery Hoop with Ribbons. From Gracie and Lou on Etsy.

ikea rod on the wall with bows and headbands hanging on it

I love the use of this Ikea rod and hooks! From Love Love Love.

hair bows in a drawer

Storing your bows in a kitchen drawer is both practical and convenient! From Alexa Zurcher.

wired wreath form with bows around it

Spray paint a wired wreath form to make a simple bow wreath! From Pretty Providence.

hair bows clipped with clothes pins

A plaque of clothes pins never looked so adorable! From Kandi Anderson.

collage of hair bow organization ideas

Have fun creating your own!


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