Clean + Simple Dining Room Decor

We’re refreshing our dining room decor a bit, so we’ve put together an awesome mood board that is giving us all kinds of inspiration!

How to Decorate a Dining Room

When you’re faced with a home decor project, no matter the size, it isn’t always easy to envision what you’ll need to complete it, nor is it easy to stay motivated from start to finish. So before you get overwhelmed or bite off more than you can chew, we have a few tips on what you might want to consider to create a stylish space!

  1. Start with a blank slate. Move everything out that you won’t be keeping in this space. Takedown wallpaper you don’t love or paint your walls a neutral color.
  2. Address the problem areas.
    • If your space is small, consider smaller furniture with straight lines to maximize the space.
    • If you have a dark room, add more light with bigger fixtures and lamps.
  3. Pick your big pieces. Start with a table + chairs, then add only what you think the space needs – a rug, a buffet, a hutch, etc.
  4. Accessorize! Start with the bigger items first – artwork, plants, lighting, window coverings, etc., then add in smaller items in different textures and patterns.

How to Create a Mood Board

If you’re struggling to picture everything in your space, consider creating a mood board! You can create a board around one or two things – start with a rug, a piece of art, paint color, curtains, etc. then build everything around that one/two things!

Making a mood board is easier than you may think, and you don’t need fancy software to do it! Here are a few ways to do it –

  1. Cut out pictures from magazines or print them online and assemble them on a sheet, a poster board, or a bulletin board.
  2. Use Picmonkey for all things digital!
  3. Create a Pinterest board where you can see everything together. (Seeing everything laid by each other is crucial!)

Put it all Together

Once you have your mood board created and your budget set, have fun shopping, decorating, and bringing everything to life!

When it came to the design of our dining room, we started with the blank slate of wood tile flooring and gray wall paint that we chose when we built this home 2 years ago. We then chose a table and 8 chairs that fit the space well, but after that, we were stuck. We didn’t have an end game and we had no idea where to go from there!

My neutral-loving heart always adds color with wood tones and faux plants, but I’ve been on a navy kick lately and decided to pull in some blues with a rug, artwork, and striped linens. I knew I wanted something calming, clean, and simple, and after a little bit of online browsing, I absolutely LOVE the mood board I came up with! (And if you’re reading this, chances are you do too!)

dining room decor

Shop this Dining Room Decor

Here is our mood board with links for your shopping convenience. Some of the products we pictured are no longer being sold since we put this space together. In those cases, I tried to link to a similar product that will give you the same look and feel. Have fun!

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  1. I am definitely going to start working on my mood board, maybe this will help me get out of the rut I am in when it comes to enhancing the decor in my living space. Thank you for this golden tip!

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