DIY Bath Mat

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Give new life to an old towel and mismatched sheet with this EASY DIY Bath Mat idea. A quick bathroom refresh never looked so good! 

If you’ve seen my linen closet, you know I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to organizing and storing all our extra bedding. Each bottom sheet in our home is stored with its matching top sheet and pillowcase(s), and I hate having random “extras” that don’t fit in a set.

Rather than donating a perfectly good top sheet if/when the bottom sheet becomes worn and dated, I decided to try making a new bath mat by coupling an old sheet with a worn towel. The process took about 30 minutes, and I think it looks fantastic! Here’s what I did – 

How To Make Your Own Bath Mat


  • sheet or pillowcase
  • towel
  • tassel fringe/ribbon
  • thread (in a color that matches your sheets)
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine
  • iron


NOTE: If you are just using a pillowcase, skip down to step #8.

  1. First, decide how large you want your rug to be. Then cut out your sheet and towel to those dimensions.
  2. Place the “right sides together”. (This means that you want to have the outsides or prettier part of the sheet to be touching each other, so it looks like it’s inside out.)
  3. Pin, pin, pin. Do NOT skip this step. The fabric WILL slip while you’re sewing, so to avoid having to unpick the stitching and redo it a million times until it’s right (and to also keep naughty words at bay), make sure you pin your fabric pieces together.
  4. Using a straight stitch, sew along all the edges, but make sure you don’t sew the last 5-6″ of the rug so you have a gap.
  5. Through the hole that you left, grab your fabric on the inside, and pull it through.
  6. Once your fabric is pulled through, a quick iron will help keep it flat for the next step.
  7. At the part with the hole, fold your fabric so the edges are on the inside, and do a quick straight stitch to close the gap.
  8. Measure out and cut your tasseled fringe/ribbon making sure to add extra length to fold over the edges for a clean look. Sew onto the edges.
  9. Trim any loose threads and voila! You have a cute, yet super cheap bathroom rug!

And that’s it! A perfect little DIY Bath Mat!

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