Gumdrop Wreath

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How to make a gumdrop wreath in 60 minutes or less! This simple little wreath looks darling and is absolutely perfect for every season and celebration!

gumdrop wreath hanging from the back of a dining chair

The first gumdrop wreath I made was for a birthday party nearly 10 years ago. It was shortly after that party that I realized how versatile these darling wreaths are! They look colorful and fun in the spring, they look bright and fresh in the summer, they look cozy and inviting in the fall, and they look sweet and nostalgic in the winter. Whether you’re decorating for a special birthday, for Easter, or for Christmas, this wreath is absolutely perfect!

How to Make A Gumdrop Wreath

ribbon, wreath forms, hot glue and gumdrops on a counter


  • wreath form – for my mini wreaths, I used these 5-inch styrofoam wreath forms, and they looked so cute!
  • gumdrop candies – I used 2 bags per mini wreath
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • ribbon
making a wreath with styrofoam and gumdrops


Place a small amount of glue on the bottom of the gumdrop and then stick it to the wreath, pressing firmly to secure.

You can place the candies in whatever color pattern and placement you’d like. When I first started gluing mine down, I was placing them in rows, but I didn’t love the big gaps between the rows. I ended up starting over and glued them in clusters of three (as pictured above). The clusters seemed to make the wreath look nice and full.

spool of orange ribbon laying next to a gumdrop wreath

Loop a long ribbon around the top of the wreath and hang it on your door, your windows, or on the back of a chair!

gumdrop wreath hanging on the back of a chair


  1. How cute is that!!! And thank you for showing me the 'not' way to do it also!! I always wonder if I am the ONLY one that makes mistakes!!!!

    Great idea!!

  2. I love it! Just wondering though- how long does it keep? If I store it away for the season will it last until next year? It just seems like a lot of work to only have it one season 😉

  3. Love that wreath…I am sure my family would eat all the candy before I got it glued on. It is so fun and festive!

  4. When I was young, we made gumdrop Christmas trees and I loved them. This wreath is gorgeous and the gumdrops bring back good memories.

  5. Umm… this may be a dumb question, but what about ants and other bugs? I like this idea, but we live in FL & I’m afraid I’ll come home to a trail of ants on my door. 🙂

  6. I can’t handle how ADORABLE this is!!!! Such a cute idea…and love your blog! I just found it and cant stop looking around.

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