Modern Farmhouse Living Room

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A budget-friendly Modern Farmhouse Living Room that feels cozy and looks amazing! This simple design can be recreated in a couple hours for less than $1,000.

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modern farmhouse living room from the entry way

When my friend asked me to help decorate her living room this summer, I JUMPED at the chance! I love everything about design and decor… and spending someone else’s money is always more fun that spending your own, right?! 😉

Together, the 2 of us created this simple Modern Farmhouse Living Room that I cannot stop smiling over! (I literally stop by her house just to stare at it. It’s weird, I know. But I’m ok with that.)

How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Living Room

When it comes to decorating a modern farmhouse living room, it’s best to use neutral colors and furniture with clean lines.

Throw in some wood and metal accents for some texture, and you’re good to go! 

The Perfect Modern Farmhouse Rug

RULE #1 for decorating any space – Pick a rug first! The jute rug we used in my friend’s living room is from IKEA. It is one of the more comfy jute rugs I’ve felt, and it absolutely set the stage for everything in this room! Here is a similar JUTE RUG with great reviews.

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

This sturdy coffee table is a hand-me-down that got a fresh coat of white paint. It anchors this space so well! Here is a similar COFFEE TABLE if you just want something that’s ready to go and reasonably priced. But if you are up for a project, search FB Marketplace and thrift stores for coffee tables with potential before you purchase anything brand new.

close up of a gray couch

Comfortable Gray Couch

A good gray sofa is neutral and cozy, and the clean lines on this one work well with this minimal design. My friends has 3 kids, so in addition to being comfortable and nice-looking, this sofa is durable and easy to clean. She found a great deal on this one at a local furniture shop, but here is a similar GRAY SOFA with great reviews!

Farmhouse Throw Pillows

To cozy up the couch, we added some throw pillows that also add some good texture and pattern. Though mostly neutral, the light blue colors make this space light and airy.

Budget Friendly Art

When designing within the Modern Farmhouse theme, less is more! Look for prints with muted colors and simple frames. Target is a good source for budget friendly artwork, and so is Etsy – I LOVE buying prints that are available for immediate download. I print them at FedEx Office or Costco, then frame them in frames from Michaels or Hobby Lobby (use a coupon!) To fill the space on the big wall behind the couch in my friend’s home, we found some awesome prints at HomeGoods. Here are 2 MINIMALIST PRINTS I LOVE on Etsy.

tree in the corner of a modern farmhouse living room

Modern Farmhouse Accent Furniture

To one side of the couch we put a wood bench and simple accessories with a round mirror on the wall. We added a basket of blankets to one side, and a tall tree on the other side. This might be my favorite view of the entire room! It is so simple and cozy, and such a perfect way to fill this space!

The bench we used is from IKEA, but if you don’t have an IKEA near you, here is a similar BENCH, MIRROR and a TREE.

console table in a living room

To the other side of the couch, we set up a conversation space with 2 chairs, a small table, a smaller grassy plant and a floor lamp. Similar items are here –

chairs in front of a living room window

On the wall directly across from the couch, we put a metal console table and some simple decor. This piece adds some great colors and textures to the room, and it fills the wall perfectly! Here is an affordable CONSOLE TABLE that would look great in your space!

This entire room was done in a day – isn’t it great?!

modern farmhouse living room with gray couch and white coffee table

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