DIY Small Flower Vase

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A sweet tutorial for a small flower vase made from recycled vitamin bottles! A darling little gift idea that’s so simple and affordable!

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painted pill bottles with flowers inside

Some of the best crafting projects are the simplest, and that is totally the case with these darling little flower vases! This quick and easy craft idea is a fun project that’s great for all ages.

And because they can be painted however you’d like, they’re versatile pieces of decor that can fit in any space or occasion.

Here’s how to use them –

  • Home Decor. Since they’re plastic, they’re kid-friendly! Set them on a shelf or counter in your bathroom and don’t worry about kids knocking them over!
  • Gifts. Need a last-minute gift? These vases make wonderful gifts that you can give to anyone! Mother’s Day + Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation (have your child paint by themself!) a neighbor going through a hard time, or just a small gift to say “hi” and brighten someone’s day!
  • Weddings + Banquets. These vases would make excellent centerpieces that you can match to any event.

This DIY Vase idea is very inexpensive, and it doesn’t require any specialty craft supplies. So if you are a beginning crafter, this is a great starter project. If you are more experienced, whip it up in about 15 seconds. Either way, I hope you love it!

Here’s how to make it –

supplies needed to make a flower vase

How to Make a Small Flower Vase


  • plastic bottle – I used pill bottles, but you can use any old bottles you have laying around!
  • painter’s tape
  • paint
  • paintbrush
taping off a white pill bottle and painting a geometric pattern on it


REMOVE THE LABELS. Start this DIY project by taking the labels off your bottles. Mine came off quite easily, but you can soak it in water or use Goo Gone if you need it. If your bottles aren’t a solid color, consider painting them with a coat or two of spray paint.

TAPE YOUR DESIGN. Tape off a design of your choice. I kept mine very simple with a diagonal line on one and a horizontal line on the other. (I love a good geometric shape!)

PAINT. Paint your bottles with your brush in the paint colors of your choice, then remove the tape before they are dry. You can touch up if needed.

DRY. Let them dry completely.

close up of painted flower vase

FILL WITH FLOWERS. For the finishing touch, add some water and a bouquet of colorful flowers, and call it good!

two recycled medicine bottles made into a flower vase

Aren’t they so cute?


  • Ditch the paint and instead use white glue and glitter!
  • Recycled tin cans and spaghetti sauce glass jars work in place of medicine bottles and are still an affordable option.
  • Let the kids use puffy paints to decorate their gifts for their teacher.
  • Make them into candle holders instead of colorful vases.
  • Tie some ribbon around the neck of the bottle and attach a small card to it.

I hope this simple vase tutorial sparks your creativity and offers some fun inspiration!

long image of pill bottles painted and made into flower vases


  1. I have about a gazillion of these vases with no idea what to do with them. This would make such a cute gift idea. However, I need to confess that I have never (gulp) never used Mod Podge. This looks like a good time to start!

  2. Yay! I love Amy's blog and the posts she does for Craftier. 🙂 And I love this vase! Especially the colors–I'm going through an orange phase.

  3. Ok so I was opening this post totally expecting to figure out why on earth anyone would want to mod podge a rock!! haha I'm am relieved to find this beautiful and fun project instead!!

    Although I have to admit I am now brainstorming a reason to mod podge an actual rock…hmm….paper weight for a elementary school teacher perhaps?!!

  4. I just started using mod podge recently…within a few weeks so i'm a little new to this but i love this idea with mod podging flower vases. what if i used that vellum type paper that's kind of clear…i wonder what that would look like…anyone ever tried it? i think i sense a project!

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