Printable Wood Banner

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This versatile wood banner printable has all 26 letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9, too! Print the letters to spell out anything you need and create a banner for any occasion!

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wood pennants on paper with letters on them

Simple Wood Banner

We created a pack of printable pendants with all the letters and numbers so you can have a banner for every occasion at the tip of your fingers!

Looking for a versatile banner that would go great with your party decor? Whether you’re celebrating a Birthday, Thanksgiving, or an uncommon holiday no one but your family celebrates – this is for you!

The wood design is simple and versatile. Use it to…

  • welcome home a soldier, missionary, or college kid
  • congratulate a coworker
  • thank a teacher
  • decorate behind a crib in a nursery
  • spell out “family” or “love” and hang it from the mantle
  • decorate for the seasons with the words Spring, Autumn, or Merry Christmas

Here’s how to do it –

long image of a printable wood banner

Printable Wood Banner


  • printable wood banner kit
  • printer + paper (or send into a print shop)
  • scissors
  • string or twine
  • tape or paper hole punch
  • laminator (optional)


  1. First, print off the letters you’ll need for your individualized banner. Each letter is on a single page, so if you’re spelling out HAPPY, you’ll select the H, A, P, and Y pages, making sure you print off the P twice.
  2. Cut out, and laminate (optional) your letters.
  3. Using a paper hole punch or tape, attach your letters to your string or twine.
  4. Hang up and let the festivities begin!


  • Each piece of the banner (each letter) is one full page- a standard 8.5 x 11 inch.
  • We found it best to print on cardstock for durability.
  • We also recommend laminating the letters for use in the future.

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long image of a printable wood banner with white letters spelling HAPPY on them

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