Girls’ Shared Bedroom Decor

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A 16-year-old and her 9-year-old sister combine their unique styles and create a girls’ shared bedroom that’s cohesive, fresh, and perfectly fits their personalities!

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We recently moved Addie out of her bedroom and into Leah’s bedroom so they can share a room together.

This wasn’t something we decided on a whim, in fact, we actually made the decision to do it almost a year before actually putting the plan in motion.

Here’s what Addie’s room looked like before the merge:

a girl's white day bed with mosquito net and wall decor behind the bed

Here’s what Leah’s room looked like:

zoomed out image of a teen girls bedroom

With 2 girls who are 7 years apart and have very different personalities, merging their styles didn’t seem like an easy feat, but luckily the decor they each had was cohesive enough and the colors worked well together.

Here is what their shared room looks like now:

We swapped the couch for Addie’s bed and put her hexagon shelving on the wall and the mosquito net on the ceiling.

2 white chairs next to a white daybed

We created a new sitting area with a couple of chairs and I just LOVE how this looks! (Those chairs are the only things I had to purchase for this space!)

desk area in a bedroom

They each have their own side of the desk, and they share the dresser and the closet, too. We also added some baskets under Leah’s bed, which helps keeps everything tidy but also hidden.

zoomed out image of a girls' shared bedroom

What do you think?

I actually love this space! It came together much easier than I anticipated, and I am so grateful for that!


The only things we added were these Cream Accent Chairs. For all other products, please see the posts I write for Addie’s bedroom and Leah’s bedroom. Feel free to comment with any questions!

Finished girls' bedroom

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