Comfortable + Cozy Guest Room

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Designing a welcoming and restful guest room for friends and family doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Help your guests relax and enjoy their visit without breaking the bank!

EXTRA TIP: Make your guests feel extra comfortable with a special guest welcome basket, filled with toiletries and treats!

fresh and clean guest room with 3 beds

Since all of our kids are back in school full-time, it was time to take down our homeschool room and create a space for our out-of-town family + friends when they visit us in Arizona. Having a guest room for the first time since we bought this house is going to be amazing!

Take a look at our guest room –

fresh and clean guest room with 3 beds

Guest Bedroom Decor

Links to all the products I used in the space are included at the end of this post. If you want to see the entire project from start to finish, I saved the process on an Instagram story highlight.

Since this room is pretty long, I decided to fill it with as many beds as I could! I added two twin beds on either side of a big king bed. The twin beds were less than $80 on Amazon, and the King bed was only $350 from Home Depot! (And they had other sizes, too!)

made bed in guest room

The Perfect Bedding

I went really simple with the bedding – a crisp white quilt and white bed linens are always my favorite foundation!

It’s always good to have extra blankets and extra pillows for your guests, so I added a floral pillow in a darling fabric, and a green blanket at the foot for color, texture, and comfort!

Rug vs. No Rug

I opted out of adding any rugs to the floors in this space, which is unusual for me as I love a good rug in a bedroom. I just felt like the 3 beds were enough of a statement, and I didn’t want to overwhelm the space with a giant rug under all three beds, or 3 smaller rugs under each individual bed. In this instance, less is definitely more!

wall art over a twin bed

Art for the Walls

Above the twin headboards, I added some simple artwork in soft hues that compliments the bedding.

close up of lamp and flowers on a night stand


I purchased a small side table to go in between each of the beds. On top of each nightstand, I placed a small table lamp and a small tray for guests to use as storage for their jewelry or pocket change.

A vase of fresh flowers will be a nice touch when guests arrive, but for now, a small faux plant looks perfect!

I also put an extension cord next to the lamp so overnight guests can plug in their phone charger, too.

white sheer curtains on a shiplap wall

Window Treatment

Since we have shutters on the windows, I didn’t need curtains that aided in privacy. Instead, I opted for white curtains that were fresh and flowy. I think curtains are a great way to draw your eyes up towards the ceilings and make the room not feel”bottom heavy”.

I kept the shiplap wallpaper accent wall to add a little more dimension.

vintage desk in a guest room

Vintage Desk

I had originally planned to put a tall floor lamp + armchair or a big standing mirror in the corner, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with our old school desk, and I think it actually fits this space quite nicely!

shelf in guest room with snacks and toiletries

Guest Room Essentials

I didn’t have enough room to include a full dresser or chest of drawers, so instead, I put a small shelving unit with some baskets on this empty wall with just enough space to put fresh towels, snacks, and travel essentials that might have been forgotten – toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.

brown guestbook

Sweet Sentiments

I always like to personalize our guest room with a welcome sign and their favorite snacks, but this time around I added a fun guestbook and a frame where I can swap out pictures of our guests from past visits or time spent together. (My college roommate’s family is coming next week, so I put a picture of us during our freshman year in college – 20 years ago!!)

luggage racks leaning agains a wall with a mirror

Not pretty, but helpful!

I included a laundry basket for dirty linens and towels on one side of the shelving unit, and then behind the door, I put a few things that will help our guests feel more at home – a full-length mirror, two luggage racks, a standing fan (we are in Arizona, after all), and a trashcan.

long image of a guest room with 3 beds

I just love how everything came together, and I can’t wait to make memories with our out-of-state family and friends!

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collage of images showing a cozy guest room


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