Mason’s Vintage Industrial Bedroom

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With a few bold pieces and some well-placed home accessories, you can achieve a vintage industrial bedroom makeover that’s both cozy and modern.

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standing in the doorway looking into a boys bedroom

I am a big fan of industrial-style decor and I think it works especially well for bedrooms because you can achieve a modern look while keeping things comfortable and cozy.

Decorating in industrial style is simple—think natural materials with a cool loft or warehouse vibe using any of the following –

  • pipes
  • beams
  • concrete walls and concrete floors
  • exposed brick walls (red brick walls or white brick walls both work well!) 
  • hard lines
  • high ceilings
  • light fixtures with big Edison bulbs
  • worn leather
  • distressed wood
  • wooden ceiling
  • copper
  • exposed ductwork

Mix the modern with the cozy by using- 

  • soft linens – solid gray, black, or white bedding work very well in industrial design
  • gray walls
  • a neutral color palette
  • flowy window treatments
  • pops of plants + greenery
  • a plush rug
  • open space

This month I finished updating Mason’s room to a more industrial look and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! It’s functional, minimalist, and masculine, and it didn’t take much time or money to achieve this modern bedroom look!

Here’s a closer look at all the bedroom decor details.

(Links to products I used are at the end of this blog post.)

long image of a boys bed with a swiss cross pillow on it

Industrial Bedroom Design

Industrial Bed and Bedding – I kept this section of his room very simple with a black metal bed frame and gray bedding from Beddy’s. I love the subtle pattern of this set (called Tweedstorm) and the black pillowcases are perfect! (Use code “StephanieD for 20% off your Beddy’s order!) #affiliate

There wasn’t any space for nightstands, but I think it works to leave the platform bed by itself in this instance. 

Rug and Curtains – I used a cream-colored rug that’s soft and fluffy, and some cream curtains to draw your eyes up so this space isn’t so bottom-heavy. A cream-colored vintage canvas map hangs above his headboard that complements the curtains and the area rug.

wood and metal desk for boys bedroom

Industrial Bedroom Desk – A simple wood + metal desk with straight lines looks perfect in the corner, accompanied by a metal chair and metal hanging lamp. To warm up this space, I added a standing plant and some art and accessories.

papasan chair in the corner of a boys industrial room

Sitting Area + Dresser – On the opposite corner, I added a big, cozy Papasan chair next to a small table where he can keep his books. I love the look of a big metal bookcase, but with the big dresser, I think it would’ve been too much weight. Another plant in the corner adds both color and height to this space, while his metal-drawer dresser adds texture and variety.

accessories on top of a boys dresser

Industrial Accessories – When it comes to kid’s spaces, less is more! The fewer knick-knacks and decor you have, the less messy and cluttered it will look. I kept the top of his dresser very simple, and I think the simple canvas artwork on the wall looks perfect!

close up of a stuffed monkey on a boys bed

That’s it! Cozy, simple, and such a fun space for Mason to hang out!

long image of a boys bed with gray bedding

*If you saw this room on Instagram, there were a few changes we made when we swapped rooms. Mason’s desk is vintage, I got it on OfferUp, and his jerseys are hanging on Big Clothes Pins attached to the wall with Command Strips. All other products are the same and listed below –

collage of images for a boys industrial bedroom

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