DIY Touch Up Paint Kit + Paint Can Labels

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Take some of the fuss out of touching up the paint on your walls with a DIY Touch Up Paint Kit. Download our printable labels for an even easier assembly!

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DIY Touch Up Paint Kit on a white counter

EASY Touch Up Painting

Whenever I deep clean or redecorate a room, I like to touch up the paint on the walls and baseboards in that space to get it looking extra FRESH!

But I’m not a fan of big paint cans – they’re hard to store, hard to keep clean, and impossible to open and close without a screwdriver and hammer!

Several years ago, I came up with an idea to make my own paint kit so I could have all the supplies I need within arm’s reach. In one convenient box little box that I keep above my oven in the kitchen, I have everything I need to touch up holes and dings in the walls.

Here’s how to make your own –

overhead shot of a touch up paint kit

DIY Touch Up Paint Kit


  • small plastic box with a lid – I found mine at Michaels for less than $10 and I used a coupon. I can fit up to 6 paint jars if I need to.
  • small plastic jars – These were only $1 each and they fit perfectly inside my box. You could also use small mason jars or travel shampoo bottles.
  • Paint Can Labels
  • foam brushes – If you have a favorite paintbrush, feel free to use it. I like using cheap foam brushes for touch-up paint because I don’t feel bad tossing them in the trash when I’m done with them. Saves me time not having to rinse a nicer paintbrush.
  • 3-in-1 wall repair – This is my favorite product for filling small holes in walls. Squeeze the putty inside the hole, use the flat end of the bottle to scrape off excess putty, and then let it dry. The bottle says it dries in under 30 minutes, and it usually only takes 10 minutes or so! Once dry, use the cap with the sandpaper on top of it, and then paint over the patch to match your walls. It’s SO easy!

With one simple convenient box, you’ll be able to touch up the paint in any room of the house in 10 minutes or less… it’s pretty freakin’ fantastic!

Paint Can Labels

Grab our Paint Can Labels in our Etsy shop and make your own kit today!

collage of images showing a DIY Touch-Up Paint Kit

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