14 Ribbon Organization Ideas

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Organizing your ribbon doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are 14 creative and efficient ribbon organization ideas to keep them tidy, accessible, and ready for your next project!

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a pegboard with a shelf of ribbon spools

How to Organize Your Ribbon

If you have ribbon obsession that is in need of some organization, you’re in the right place! Choose the ribbon organization method that best fits your space and style, and enjoy a clutter-free crafting area that inspires creativity.

*All systems are linked at the end of this list.

4 examples of ribbon organization system in a collage

1. Peg Board Shelf – Invest in a spool holder or dispenser designed specifically for a pegboard. These holders keep your spools neat, preventing them from unraveling.

2. Acrylic Shelf – These are great for smaller spools and washi tape.

3. Clear Plastic Bins – These boxes are perfect for storing ribbons while keeping them visible. You can stack the bins for efficient storage and easily see what colors and patterns you have.

4. Tabletop Shelf – These shelves make it easy to pull out just the right amount of ribbon without any mess.

2 different ribbon organization systems

5. Wall Ribbon Organizer – This not only keeps your ribbons organized but also creates a colorful display in your crafting area.

6. Standing Floor Organizer – This system can hold a BUNCH! It’s a space-saver and looks good, too!

4 organization systems in a collage to organize your ribbon

7. Tabletop Cubby Shelf – The slanted shelf keeps the ribbon from rolling out. Everything looks clean and tidy!

8. Dowel Organizers – You could DIY this option quite easily, too!

9. Tabletop Dowel Organizer – I love the simplicity of this one.

10. Hanging Slacks/ Pants Organizer – Repurpose a pant hanger to store your spools of ribbon. Each bar can hold multiple spools, and it’s easy to see your collection. Hang the organizer on the back of a door or a closet rod for convenient access.

floor stand to organize ribbons - 2 types

11 + 12 – Standing Ribbon Organizers

Plenty of sizes available, depending on your needs!

chicken wire basket with spools of ribbon

13- Spools and Dowels in a Basket

I needed a storage system that provided easy access to all my ribbon and something convenient to grab and transfer to the kitchen table, since that is where most of my crafting takes place. This ribbon organization idea I came up with fits the bill. (And speaking of bills, this system only costs about $15!)

a large nail with spolos of ribbon stacked on it.

14- Long Nail Spool Holder

Take a trip to the hardware store and grab a 6″ galvanized nail. Spools slide easily on the nail and then sit nicely on a desk or tabletop.


collage of images showing how to organize your ribbon


  1. ohhh this is awesome and it seems so easy to pull off! I love that basket. I have all of my ribbon in shoe boxes – definitely not easy to find and not easy to get to! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a great idea. This is a great way to store ribbon in a way that you can see the different spools and they don’t get tangled up. I subscribed.

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