Stairway Basket + Printables

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Tame the chaos and piles on the stairs with a simple On Your Way Up + Down Stairway Basket.

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A quick clean-up is much easier to do when all your items are ready to go to their designated place!

Instead of having a stack of things on the stairs or loose items scattered around the living spaces of your home, find a basket to keep on the steps and make your own On Your way Up + Down Stair Basket!

This staircase basket helps contain the clutter, it isn’t an eyesore, and it keeps people from tripping on things thrown anywhere on the stairs.

This simple idea can be tailored for your home and family. Here’s how to make it-

On Your Way Up + Down Stair Basket


  • printables (download below)
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • hole punch
  • ribbon or string
  • glue stick or double-sided tape
  • laminating sheets (optional)
  • basket – I found mine in the clearance section of Walmart. Any basket or container that fits on your stairs will work!


  1. Download and print off our On Your Way Up + Down Basket Tags.
  2. Glue the backsides together, so one side has the Up and the other has the Down when you flip it.
  3. Laminate your tags. This step is optional, but a great way to keep your tags from getting smashed or crinkled.
  4. Punch a small hole at the top, and thread your ribbon or string through.
  5. Finally, tie it onto your basket.

Stairway Basket Printables

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Happy organizing!

On Your Way Up + Down Basket


  1. very cute! we are a pile at the bottom of the stairs kind of family… I should get a basket

  2. I have a basket like that! I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond. It was too expensive, though. Like $30? At least they have a ton of coupons

  3. I love this idea and I love your printables! I have a basket at the bottom and top of my stairs, but both are overflowing at all times- I need to learn to actually take things up with me instead of just trying to make the mess look more organized all around it! Someday I will master this! (Or, I will get a single story house!)

  4. Best idea EVER! I just moved into a home with stairs- and I’m constantly leaving things on the stairs for people to carry up- and it looks a mess. I <3 this idea!

  5. I have two containers, they are square fabric bags from 31 company, they are stiff around the top, so they hold their shape, but when company comes I can collapse them so they are flat and hide them behind the couch. I have one at the bottom and one at the top. When I go up, I grab the bag and take it with me. Then hopefully get the stuff in it put away! It works pretty good!

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