5 BEST Window Washing Tips

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Easily wash your windows inside and out in minutes and get sparkling results with these 5 best Window Washing Tips!

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woman washing her windows on a ladder

How to Clean Your Windows

Window cleaning is often one of the most overlooked and forgotten tasks of home maintenance. Fortunately, we’re here to break down the process into 5 simple steps with helpful tips and trick that will make the process so much easier!

Get ready for more streak-free lighting coming in those pretty windows! Here’s how –

girl cleaning her shutters

1. Cleaning Blinds/ Shutters

When it comes to cleaning windows, the first step is to start on the inside and clean your window coverings before you do anything else! This will ensure that any dust that gets loose from your blinds and shutters won’t dirty any glass or window tracks that have just been cleaned.

TIP – An easy way to clean your blinds is to grab some kitchen tongs, wrap each side in a microfiber cloth and secure them with rubberbands. Now you have a cloth “claw” that will wipe both sides of your blinds so much faster and more effectively!

kitchen tongs with rags rubberbanded to them

2. Window Washing Solution

I’ve tried a dozen storebought and homemade glass cleaners with dish soap, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils, but they all work the same or are less effective than my 2-ingredient tried and true cleaning solution.


  • 1 tsp. dishwashing detergent powder
  • several cups- a gallon of hot water


  1. Put a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent powder in a shallow plastic container, add hot water and stir to incorporate.

That’s it!

cleaning supplies on a floor

3. Window Washing Supplies

I’ve tried just about every technique for washing windows – newsprint, paper towels, microfiber towels… they all work sometimes, but none of them work all the time. In search of a better way, I discovered this technique for washing windows from Martha Stewart, and I will never wash windows any other way!


  • large bath towel
  • shallow bucket or plastic container
  • double-sided squeegee The sponge and rubber combo will allow you to scrub the windows a bit before squeegee-ing it off.
  • window washing solution- Our favorite “recipe” is listed above
  • rag


  1. For inside windows, put a large towel on the floor underneath your window to protect your floors from drips. This also allows for easy cleanup – no mopping or drying floors when your windows are clean.
  2. For outside windows, put a towel on the window frame to catch the window cleaner from dripping down the exterior of your home.
  3. Put your window washing solution in a shallow plastic container.
  4. Dip your squeegee in the dish and start washing your windows – scrubbing with the sponger side, and drying with the rubber side.
  5. Use the rag to wipe up drips on the window sills and window panes.

Simple process, no drying, just CLEAN, streak-free windows!

using a sponge brush to clean the window tracks

4. Easily Wash Your Window Tracks

Window tracks collect all kinds of dirt and grime, and cleaning them can be a struggle! Instead of getting frustrated, try this:


  • disposable sponge brush (found at craft and hardware stores)
  • all-purpose cleaner or window cleaning solution
  • toothbrush, optional (good for more stubborn grime)


  1. Dip your sponge brush in your cleaner and run it along the window tracks.
  2. If the sponge doesn’t get all the grime off, try dipping a toothbrush in the cleaning solution and scrubbing it with the bristles. Then, use the sponge to wipe and soak up anything left in the tracks.
  3. … that’s it!
rolling curtains with a lint roller

5. Clean Your Screens and Curtains with a Lint Roller

You can free your window screens from dust, pollen, and cobwebs by rolling a lint roller over them. A lint roller is a great way to dust your curtains, too!

What’s your best window washing secret? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. I use the washer/squeege, but mix up vinegar and water. I have not tried dishwasher detergent, but I will give it a try!

  2. looks like a great idea. so funny that I just read something earlier about using a squeege. must mean i need to give it a try.

  3. Looking for ways to tidy things up at home or at the office without the hassle will encourage more people to maintain the orderliness of their spaces. It is not as time-consuming as most people think and for those who want to get a feel of how cleaners meticulously wipe and remove dirt – the given tip above is one way to experience it.

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