How to Organize Manuals + Warranty Info

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How to organize manuals and warranty information with a notebook system that’s easy, quick, and affordable, too!

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binder with manuals and warranty information

I use to store all my manuals and warranties in a file cabinet, and even though this seemed like a logical place to store things when I started out, it actually wasn’t a good system at all. I would STUFF every pamphlet into the designated folder and pretty soon that file was completely packed and overflowing. It became unattractively messy, and it was a pain to find information when I needed it.

Years ago I swapped my method – instead of using a bulky file cabinet, I now use sleek 3-ring binders that sit pretty on a shelf. Not only does this system allow me to quickly find the pamphlets I need, but it also makes it easier to clean out and toss manuals that are no longer needed in my home.

Today I’m going to show you how this system works, and I have some free printables for your binders, too. It’s time to clear the paper clutter from your drawer, counter, or cupboard, and get organized once and for all!

supplies needed to make a warranty binder

Manual and Warranty Organization


  • 3-Ring Binder – I prefer binders with a clear-view piece of plastic on the front so I can label them. If you have more pamphlets than will fit in one binder, use multiple binders and sort your pamphlets into groups –
    • group them by room (kitchen, garage, office, etc.)
    • group them by type (appliances, electronics & toys, furniture, etc.)
  • Pen + Scissors – to write and cut out the labels for your binder(s)
  • Plastic Sheet Protectors
  • Binder Pencil Pouch – to hold special tools or pieces you might want to hang onto
  • Sticky Notes, optional
black binder next to gold scissors on a counter


Download and print the binder labels (linked below). Cut out the cover + spine so it fits inside your binder, then label it and put it inside the clear view plastic on the front and side.

adding manuals to plastic sheet protectors in a binder

Put your plastic sheet protectors inside your binder, then place each manual/warranty into a sheet protector.

open 3 ring binder with colorful post it notes

You can add sticky notes to the side of each plastic sheet protector if you’d like labeled tabs.

notebook pencil pouch with small tools inside

Add your pencil holder to the front and place any special tools or hardware you need to keep handy.

finished binder to organize manuals and warranties

Once you’re done, place your binder(s) on a shelf in your office, kitchen, garage, or storage closet.

… and that’s it! Isn’t this such a great method???

Manual and Warranty Binder Printables

If you’d like to use our labels, enter your name and email address in the form below. A new window will immediately pop up with the file. If you have a pop-up or ad blocker, this might interfere. Email me if you have issues – steph (at) somewhatsimple (dot) com

Have fun organizing your manuals and warranties!

long image of a binder with manuals and warranties


  1. That’s how I organize mine, it is so easy to find stuff now! I just wish I had thought to get a cute binder like yours, but you can’t beat free, and we still keep the binder in the filing cabinet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great idea! I have all my manuals in a basket in a closet – at least they’re all in the same place, but they’re not in any order. Once they become numerous – and you have ones for stuff you don’t even own anymore – something needs to be done! I love this solution. I think the owner’s manual for our TV is as big as your binder though – I think it’s in 25 languages!

  3. I love this idea. Thank you. Mine are only semi-organized. I think I’ll need several binders though. One for computer stuff, one for appliances and tools, one for electronics. Something else for my ever-growing-never-shrinking to so list!

    May I add one small addition/suggestion? Tape or staple the receipt inside the manual. I place mine on the warranty page. Then you always know where to find the receipt, should you need it. It is also a good idea (although, I admit, I usually forget to do this) to photocopy your receipt. Sometimes they fade and you can’t read them any more!

  4. Great Idea! I have done this with other “manual”, cookbooks, childrens jounals ect. The only thing I do different is put the receipt in an envelope (for that item) and staple it on the inside of the warrenty. Alsio you might want to make copies of receipts and keep withinsurance documents in case of fires, ect. Love the Info!!!!!!!!!Thanks

  5. This is a great idea! My filing cabinet looks a lot like yours did. To add to this–I’d suggest another binder for your home, meaning for those items that are a part of your home as opposed to things like vacuums that come and go. The former owners of our home provided us with just such a binder when we bought the house. It included manuals and receipts (or at least dates of installation) for things like the furnace, faucets, windows, cabinetry, counter tops, etc., as well as paint chips for the different paint colors used in the home. That was SO helpful! We have made a lot of changes since then, but I am planning to keep that binder up to date.

  6. You can also get some thicker pocket page holders for 3 ring binders for the heavier manuals at office supply stores. Some sets come in pretty clear pastel colors. I use them for all kinds of things in binders. Glad I found your website. I love organizing too. 🙂

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